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Simply put... everything we do has been created to ensure a successful transaction for you and a lifetime relationship between us both.  With over 30 years of combined BROKER experience... rest assured you have come to the right place.  Here are just 5 Reasons that makes Us Different.

  1. We only partner wirh REALTORS® that are interested in learning how to sell homes as a professional salesperson.  We provide professional sales training, not just training on how to fill out a listing and sales contract.  The problem with the real estate industry on a whole is... it is a profession that requires a license, not professional sales experience.  Without professional sales expereince and/or training the REALTOR® fails to make money, listings stay on the market and the customer ends up losing!
  2. All of our REALTORS® are provided with a proven Marketing Action Plan from the very first day they come to work with us.  They are trained how to put the plan into action immediately.  The problem is... many REALTORS® are forced to go it alone and those who do not have a plan, subconciously plan to fail.
  3. Being the technology leader within the real estate community is our #1 goal... bar none!  We prove it everyday with new advances in technology.  MREI will not stay still while the younger generation is learning newer, faster and better ways to communicate every day.  We listen to our Customers, our REALTORS® and the Community.  We believe if your technology is not growing, it is showing the first signs of dying.  Our agressive, proactive approach has caused us to have dynamic growth in what many consider the most challenging real estate market ever.  While we are investing in you and our REALTORS®, other real estate offices are tightning their firm's belt which ultimately affects their customers negotiating a successful transaction.
  4. The Brokers of our firm understand the importance of remaining flexible.  MREI can change on a dime when it benefits our customers getting the best service possible.  "POLICY" does not dictate the quality of service you receive from MREI and our Team!
  5. MREI understands the importance of honesty and we relay this to our associates daily.  When you meet with an MREI REALTOR® only one of three things will happen... and any one of which is ok with us. We will be glad to explain when we meet.

Please remember, there are only two types of homes.  Those that sit and those that sell.  Our company markets homes that sell.  All you have to do is decide which one you want yours to be.  To learn more call an MREI REALTOR®.

MREI - "Masters of Real Estate Innovation"